The Town of Hobe Sound

Making Hobe Sound a Town has been a decade old discussion. By incorporating Hobe Sound of Martin County we will allow residents the opportunity for self determination, ensuring home rule. Many current residents as well as the supporters of the Town of Hobe Sound want to protect and preserve their hometown with local representation. Working together, incorporation is a long term affordable option.

We have submitted our proposal to the State Legislature in August of 2017. The Local Legislative Delegation has accepted our proposal and filed a house bill in October 2017. The referendum to incorporate Hobe Sound as a municipality is HB395. 


Responsibility, Self-Determination, Local Representation, Affordability, Preservation, Opportunity, Government Lite


TOWN OF HOBE SOUND will promote citizen engagement and provide fiscally sound government that protects our necessary services, shared values, unique heritage and quality of life while planning for a sustainable future.


Approximately 3 million dollars in state shared revenues will fund our town’s estimated expenses of 1.4 million. The entirety of Ad Valorem and Tangible tax of an additional 16 million will continue to go to the county for existing county services. The town is designed to be able to contract for services rather than create a staff thus freeing the requirements of long term employment responsibilities such as retirement, disability or workers comp liabilities.


  • 27 Community Meetings in locations around Town; Civic Center, Banner Lake Club, Pettway New Mount Zion Baptist Church, The Pine School, Hobe Sound Library, Chamber of Commerce, First United Methodist Church, Hobe Sound Bible College, Economic Council, St. Christopher’s Catholic Church, and various HOAs
  • 1,500 Petition Signatures & Collecting
  • 4 Fundraisers; donations from $5 to $5,000
  • Community Information — Booth space at Festival of the Arts and 2 Saturdays at Ace Hardware & Harry & the Natives, Float entry in 31st annual Hobe Sound Christmas Parade
  • 1200+ Facebook followers, 1000+ engagements on


Feasibility Study Reviewed by Martin County, the Guardians of Martin County, Martin County Sheriff’s Office and Martin County Fire Rescue


We encourage all residents to attend one of the many Town Presentations where your questions can be heard and answered.  Please check here for our upcoming events.

January 25th - Public Presentation
St. Christopher's Church Hall 6:30pm-7:30pm.

Incorporate to Protect Your Future

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