The Town of Hobe Sound

Boundaries of the Town of Hobe Sound is pictured below. Osprey St. south to JD State Park, East to River and West to 138th Street.
Note: These boundaries do NOT encroach on the urban service boundary. You can download the images

Due to requirements for population density, the golf courses of the Medalist, Heritage Ridge, and Loblolly could not be included in the initial incorporation proposal. Another reason is that the area to be incorporated must be a certain distance from the next incorporated town, and moving the border closer to Stuart would decrease our chances of immediate success.

With that said, voluntary annexation of the aforementioned areas are covered by State Law. As long as the area proposed for annexation meets the requirements of being continuous to the town, is compact, and does not create an enclave of unincorporated. Simply a majority vote of the residents of the area to be annexed would be required.

Much of the difficulty in achieving incorporation involves meeting many requirements, not the least of which are support of the local residents, and support of state legislators. The best reason for the current borders is that success will be most likely with the proposed area. Much more information is available concerning both the challenges we face and the reasons such decisions have been made thus far, as well as where we are currently within the process of incorporation.
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