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The Hobe Sound Responsibility

Protecting and preserving Hobe Sound is a top priority to every resident. For decades, the question of incorporation has been asked, but there was always a reason why it could not be accomplished. Now, a broad assembly of Hobe Sound residents are looking deeper into the details of incorporation.

Who we are:
Early supporters of this effort:
-Mike Ennis (Hobe Hills Resident & Business owner)
-Pat Martin (Zeus Park Resident & Business owner)
-Harry MacArthur (Zeus Park Resident & Business owner)
-Alfred Miller (Banner Lake Resident)
-Every resident of Hobe Sound who wishes to be involved
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Why incorporate?
1) Self-determination: Established our own town ensures true home rule where locals make the key decisions for our community.
2) Local representation: The Town of Hobe Sound would elect five council-persons from Hobe Sound so the unique nature of our community would be clearly represented.
3) Affordability: Which a 'government lite' structure, we can provide the same services and keep taxes in check.
4) Preservation opportunity: With a direct say, we can prevent residential sprawl in rural areas while encouraging investment and job opportunities within a town.

What is 'Government Lite?'
A newer structure for small municipal governments that avoids "growing a traditional government bureaucracy." Government lite gives citizens local control while they can contract with existing service providers to maintain levels of service.

1) Examine if proposed area meets basic requirements for incorporation
2) Conduct continual community outreach
3) Undertake initial feasibility study
4) Undertake in-depth feasibility study
5) Gain support of local legislative delegation (Sen. Joe Negron, State Rep. MaryLynn Magar) to sponsor Bill of incorporation.
6) If Bill of Incorporation maintains Legislature support, it goes to public referendum.
7) Registered voters in proposed area of incorporation take part in special election to vote on becoming a town.
8) If successful, any interested citizens can come forward to run for the Town Commission of Hobe Sound.

We achieved Steps 1 by first meeting the initial requirements for incorporation. Hobe Sound is: Compact, Contiguous, Near no other city within 2 miles, Home to more than 5,000 people, At a density of 1.5 per acre.

Next, we formed the citizen group, Protecting Hobe Sound. We have been meeting with many community members, drafting a mission statement reading:

"The Town of Hobe Sound will promote citizen engagement and provide fiscally sound government that protects our necessary services, shared values, unique heritage and quality of life while planning for a sustainable future."

We also estimated boundaries, so this initial fiscal analysis is based on:
-Population of 15,362
-Taxable value of $1,005,545,162

We hired BJM Consulting, which is experienced in working with several incorporation efforts and helping establish new towns. They prepare the initial financial feasibility report.
The report:
-Developed revenue analysis for proposed incorporated area.
-Developed expenditure analysis for proposed incorporated area
-Created a pro forma presentation of revenue vs. expenditures, forecasted for the initial year of incorporation.

To download the full presentation or the 5 year study please click